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Older homes have character, but hidden issues could cause major headaches.

The housing market is still on fire! With inventory low more older homes are being flipped and sold without the buyer really knowing what lies beneath the fresh paint and new flooring. One potentially major issue could be the plumbing system. Up until the 1950's galvanized piping was used in some homes and it was found that this steel pipe will rust from the inside out eventually causing leaks. Have you ever opened a faucet and had brown colored water come out? Yup. More than likely the water distribution system had been compromised. Lead piping is another material that was used up until the same time. Lead contaminates potability making it unhealthy to consume. So, if you prefer an older home make sure to have it inspected by a licensed inspector to find out what materials were used and what other things the inspector can uncover.

Rigo Acevedo

Licensed Texas Inspector #24243

KNC Inspections


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